Bronze D of E

Posted on October 28th, 2019 by WO Lyons

When most people think of adventure training, they think of D of E, or the Duke of Edinburgh award. The D of E scheme is the world’s leading youth achievement award, with over 438000 young people currently doing their award in the UK.

Group 1 ready to go

The middle of October saw cadets from 216 Squadron travel to the Wyre Forest to complete their qualifying expedition for their Bronze level award.

Group 2 ready to set out on day 2

Two groups undertook a 2 day expedition, walking through the countryside for 6 hours a day. They have to carry all their own equipment including all food, tents and camping gear without any outside assistance.

The expedition was a success with both groups meeting the criteria to complete their expedition stage of their bronze awards.

Group 2 at the finish point
Group 1 receiving feedback from their assessor at the finish point