What we do

Camps & Visits

Theres no better way to find out more about how the wider RAF operates than to visit bases and see them in action. 216 Squadron takes part in camps at RAF bases through out the year, from Squadron organised training on Defence Training Ranges, to week long camps at operational RAF stations.

There are many different camps for cadets to go on in the ATC. All squadrons are allocated paces for their cadets to attend an annual camp on a Royal Air Force station, so there’s usually a mix of units attending. We also give cadets the opportunity to visit overseas camps at RAF stations in Cyprus, or take part in the International Air Cadet Exchange. You could visit anywhere from India to the USA. These are a lot of fun, and last a week or two.

Annual Camps

Every year we will take a number of cadets on annual camps. These are week long visits to RAF stations around the country. The cadets will live in service accomodation and eat in the mess, undertaking a number of activities throughout the week designed to give them the ‘RAF Experience’.

Each annual camp is unique in what it can offer. From RAF Stations that specialise in logistics such as Brize Norton, the largest RAF Station in the UK through to flight training stations such as RAF Linton-On-Ouse. Cadets will visit the sections on the station such as Air Traffic Control, Engineering, the Squadrons themselves, the fire service, police section and more.

Along with this we will occasionally be invited to RAF Stations for day visits, giving cadets an insight into their parent service.