What we do

Fieldcraft & Shooting

We don’t spend all our time in our blue uniform. A large part of our training is designed around bringing the best out in our cadets. Two great examples of this are our target shooting and fieldcraft training.

Both activities take cadets out of their comfort zone and require a particular application of skills. Fieldcraft training especially is excellent for identifying leadership skills you might not think you’ve got. Target shooting is an important military skill, but it can also bring through some really skilled people into a sport inherently difficult to access normally.

Target Shooting

Aside from being and important military skill, target shooting requires skill, patience and the application of some very in-depth training. The range is ALWAYS an extremely disciplined environment.

Obviously, you can’t just pick up a rifle and shoot! You have to undergo dry training (using DRILL ammunition) and pass a weapons handling test. This qualification lasts six months, but the training can be done over a weekend. Once this is completed you’ll be ready to go out on the range.

The Squadron undertakes shooting on a number of weapon systems, from Air Rifle, up to full bore military weapons, the L98A2 and clay target shooting.

Cadets can take part in local, regional and national competitions. Exceptional cadets can go on to shoot in the Cadet 100; up against the best shots across the UK cadet forces.


Fieldcraft exercises vary widely and each places emphasis on different aspects of how to survive and conduct yourself in the field. Many involve two teams being pitted against each other. You and your team might need to move quietly, avoiding detection as you sneak upon an ‘enemy’ installation. Sounds easy? – think again. Speed might also be a big factor of your success. Do you risk exposing your position at the cost of achieving your objective more quickly? Decisions like these are challenging and need to be made ‘on-the-fly’.

Fieldcraft exercises force you to use your own initiative, sometimes affecting your team mates. What would happen if the commanders of your team ‘went down’? Would you take control?

If you have natural leadership qualities, they’ll definitely show themselves here.