Being a Cadet

What’s it really like being an Air Cadet? The best people to tell you of course are the cadets themselves. From all the activities that are on offer, to what the process is when you join the Squadron, you’ll find all the information below.

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The Cadet Experience

We take cadets from the age of 12 (and in Year 8 at school) up to their 17th Birthday. Many of our cadets have stayed on and completed their entire cadet careers up until they are 20, and many of our staff are ex-cadets too.

It really is a completely different experience than what you would get anywhere else, and the activities and opportunities we offer are truly one of a kind.

Initial Training

When you join the Squadron you’ll become a junior cadet and start your initial training with us. There is some basic elements you need to learn first before you can take part in many of the activities we offer.

On a parade night you will start your junior cadet training. This includes some of the basic training you’ll need to be a cadet. During this time you can take part in most, but not all activities offered to uniformed cadets. During this training you will be taught all the basics of drill, be given your uniform (which is FREE!) and taught how to maintain it by our senior cadet training team and staff. You’ll also learn about the Royal Air Force, and the Air Cadets. You will then have your drill assessment, which once you’ve passed you can wear your uniform with pride!

Passing out Parade

Once you’ve completed your training course, you not quite a fully-fledged member of the Squadron and Air Cadets yet. This is when we hold your passing out parade. Your parents and family are welcomed down to the Squadron where you will parade in-front of them and the rest of the Squadron. You’ll be marched in with the Squadron Banner on parade and band playing.

You are then enrolled by the Officer Commanding and Squadron Padre. This is a military tradition, and a chance for you to show off what you’ve learnt. It’s a great culmination to your initial training and marks the start of your cadet careers.

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