216 (Redditch) Squadron

216 Redditch Squadron was formed in 1984 and has a long proud history within West Mercian and also the Wales and West region. The squadron is based at the Army Reserve Centre in Winyates, Redditch and operates 50 weeks a year.

With a number of hard working staff and over 30 cadets the squadron has loads of opportunities for its members ranging from flying to shooting to sport.

So take a look around the website and see what 216 squadron can offer you as a new member or even if you’re looking to join as civilian instructor. If you would like to find out more about the squadron just go to the contact page to get the squadrons telephone number of e-mail address.

Officer Commanding
Sqn Ldr K. Cheston RAFAC

Meet the Staff

216 Squadron is run by volunteers, as is every Air Training Corps Squadron. We have a number of staff who undertake the different roles on the Squadron. If your interested in helping out as an adult volunteer then please check out the join page for more information.

Sqn Ldr Kylie Cheston RAFAC

Officer Commanding

Sqn Ldr Cheston joined the Air Training Corps in September 1995 at 216 Redditch Squadron. Achieving her gold D of E and rising to the rank of Cadet Warrant Officer Sqn Ldr Cheston remained on the squadron until commissioned in the RAFAC in 2003.

Sqn Ldr Cheston took command as Acting OC of 216 in February 2008, taking over a Officer Commanding in October 2008. In May 2017 she took on the role of West Mercian Wings Training Officer and was promoted to Squadron Leader. Sqn Ldr Cheston is a qualified Range Conducting Officer, Weapons Instructor and holds expedition and first aid qualifications, running the D of E Scheme on the Squadron. Sqn Ldr Cheston is also West Mercian Wings Training Officer, responsible for all training in over 27 Squadrons.

WO Nick Lyons RAFAC

Squadron Warrant Officer, Adjutant & Media Officer

Warrant Officer Lyons joined the Squadron in 2003. He remained at 216 for 7 years as a cadet, rising to the rank Cadet Warrant Officer. He was appointed as a Squadron SNCO in 2010 in the rank of Sergeant. In August 2014 he was promoted to the rank of Flight Sergeant. In May 2018 he was promoted to Warrant Officer, the highest rank an adult Senior NCO can obtain.

WO Lyons is currently the Adjutant on the squadron along with radio training and ground based classification training. He is also the Squadron WO, responsible along with the rest of the SNCO staff team for drill dress and discipline within the Squadron. He is also the Squadron Media and Communications Officer, maintaining the squadron IT equipment, website and marketing material. He is also West Mercian Wings Webmaster.

FS Simon Mitchell RAFAC

Training, Fieldcraft, D of E Officer

Flight Sergeant Mitchell joined the Air Trainining Corps in 1995. Sgt Mitchell remained on 216 Squadron, achieving his gold D of E Award and rising to the rank of Cadet Warrant Officer. Sgt Mitchell was then appointed as a member of staff on 216 Squadron in the rank of Sergeant. Sgt Mitchell was then promoted to the rank of FS and moved to 233 Pershore Squadron as Adjutant before taking a commission as a Pilot Officer and taking command of 2488 Kingswinford Squadron. Sgt Mitchell then left the Air Training Corps due to work commitments. Whilst absent from the ATC he joined 7 Rifles (Army Reserve) and completed an active tour in Afghanistan with them. He then returned to 216 Squadron as SNCO.

FS Mitchell is responsible for fieldcraft training on the Squadron, applying his knowledge as a serving NCO in 7 Rifles. He is also the Squadron D of E Officer and is additionally responsible for stores and supply.

Sgt Heather Quinney RAFAC

First Class Training & Ground Training Instructor

Sergeant Quinney joined the Squadron at the start of 2012. She undertook her silver D of E award with the Squadron and succesfully qualified in Youth First Aid. Sgt Quinney also completed her BTEC in Aviation Studies and qualified as an Instructor cadet having passed her Method of Instruction course. Through her cadet career she was promoted to Corporal and then Sergeant. In August 2015 Sgt Quinney, having spent a short period as a CI during her cadet to staff transition was appointed as a member of staff on 216 Squadron in the rank of Sergeant.

Sgt Quinney is a ground training instructor who works with the other members of staff and undertakes classification training with all Junior and First Class Cadets. She is also a qualified shooting coach, and working towards completing her expedition qualifications.

Sgt Alfie Pavitt RAFAC

Shooting, Sport & Ground Training Instructor

Sergeant Pavitt joined 216 Squadron as a cadet towards the end of 2008. During his time on the Squadron he undertook First Aid training, completed his BTEC in Aviation Studies and qualified as a Instructor cadet. Sgt Pavitt also completed his Gold D of E at the end of his cadet career. Sgt Pavitt progressed to the rank of Flight Sergeant during his time as a cadet. Having spent a short time as a CI, in August 2015 Sgt Pavitt was appointed as a member of staff on 216 Squadron in the rank of Sergeant.

Sgt Pavitt is responsible for shooting training on the Squadron along with the sports activities the Squadron takes part in. He is a ground training instructor, assisting in engineering and radio projects. He is also a qualified Shooting coach & Range Conducting Officer.

Sgt Berkeley Hodge RAFAC

Bandmaster, Quatermaster & Ground Training Instructor

Sergeant Hodge joined 216 Squadron as a cadet in June 2009. Sgt Hodge took an active role in the Squadron, successfully completing his classification training to the highest level and qualifying as an Instructor cadets. He also completed first aid training, attended annual camps across the Squadron and led the banner team and drill squad at a number of Wing events. Sgt Hodge progressed to the rank of Cadet Warrant Officer, the highest rank achievable for a cadet, by the end of his time as a cadet in the Squadron. He was appointed as a member of staff in March 2016 in the rank of Sergeant.

Sgt Hodge is responsible for the Squadron band as Bandmaster, along with working as a ground training instructor, assisting with classification training.

Reverend Stephen Levitt

Squadron Padre

Reverend Levitt is currently the Chaplain for 216 Squadron offering Moral Guidance and Support to the Cadets on the Unit, he also helps to teach the Core Values of the RAF (Respect, Integrity, Service and Excellence).

Rev Levitt joined the Squadron in 2012 and leads a regular Padre's hour on the Squadron along with enrolling new cadets. Squadron Chaplin’s are fully supported by the RAF Chaplain’s Branch.

CI Adam Marthews

Ground Training Instructor

Civilian Instructor Marthews joined the Squadron in May 2018, after having been a cadet on the Squadron with Sqn Ldr Cheston and FS Mitchell in the late 90's early 00's. CI Marthews works with the other staff and ground training instructor.

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